JailBreak 5.1.1 version

heyoo! just find out how to jailbreak your iphone with version 5.1.1 your ownslef~~ Its much easier then lastime i had posted to jailbreak version 4.1.3(if you follow me you know i posted it :3) Actually i wondering why are the phoneshop worker cost so much to jailbreak out iphone ,Its quite easy a lot and you can cost your friends more cheaper hahahha,, bad friends*evil eyes*

hmm? Do you know greenpois0n? Greenpois0n is a jailbreak support firmware 5.1.1 .The first step download the Greenpois0n via this link.If you was using WINDOW press the (absinthe v2.0.2 (win)) on the right top..After you downloaded the greenpois0n extract the file and save to My document..

Once you extrated the file, it will show another file absinthe-win-2.0.4.Click in and read the note named "read me" There are the way to jailbreak your iphone easy ,safe and fast!!  Enjoy~~ :D

(mention: rememder to backup your iphone once you jailbreak your contents and settings must be erase to process jailbreak more fast*)


Im Strongest

i know im not the perfect to solve all the problems..
we known,
we had been so suffer 
why don' t we be friend again?.
Time was the reason we be tough..
even love still there...
we could not change now
But time let it change...
You try to known all bout me.
but i did
I not sure im the person who known you the most
I leave
i known i did a wrong choice
i always did the wrong
even pass or now
but im just followed my heart to make a decision
I dont want to hurt anyone anymore and myself
im admit that im not strongest that friends known me ..
everytime,every moment
im should protect myself from hurt 

im sorry..