喔 I can Smile a little more
Sing a little more
Feel a little more
说好了要为幸福 一天天地练习
练习 Laugh a little more
Love myself a little more
为你我变成了 Better me
有一天生命会老去 还好谢谢有你
在你眼中 I see the better in me
Coz I can Smile a little more
Sing a little more
Feel a little more
说好了要为幸福 一天天地练习
练习 Laugh a little more
Love myself a little more
为你我变成了 Better me
教我抛开所有猜疑 也许
我也美丽 值得一个奇迹
喔 我的眼泪会坠落
不然今天就不能 如此地有勇气
Now I promise to you
And I can swear to you
为你我 一定加倍 珍惜我自己
做一个值得你 骄傲的 Better me
一个值得你 爱的Better me



Writting this post with my iphone using BLOGGER app. Hmm not really know how to work bout it .But just a shortcut and easier way to update the post.Sometimes feels like lazy to update bloggie one of the reason is starting my com are not convenient than my iphone .:P

Panda's Sister wedding dinner
Congratz ,Congratz ❤
*Selca* all the time even while we're eating hahahhaha! Such a awesome times we all gathering tgt and laughing with crazy topics.Miss it ❤


Friendship's Trip ♥

It was June. Had a trip with friends and love .Planned to chillax at Genting Highland V^^V.Stayed 3days 2 nights at there.The weather were so freeze and fogging (*teeth thrilling *).

COCO GD and Me

Panda and Me

Se'yi Wong and Me

 While stroll at outside ..(freezing*comfy comfy*)


 besides,we had our first dinner there(tummies drumming*)

KangKong Belacan

Cream Shrimp (thumbs up nomnomnom*)

Soya sauces Toufu

Pay RM80 for this :X but not really same like me :( abit regret about it Zzzz) 
 my hubby quite excited after having this..:p

Spotted magic show at there ..

Had maked a wish at wishing well by rolling the 20 sens hahaahhaaha.LOLX (do you think izit your dream will come true just spent about 20 sens??)

sweetcouple* Keat & COCO

Having some fun at indoor theme park, hahahhaa review the childhood memories was so great:D

CODY was joining us

The girls XOXO..

Elaine and Me

The Boys

 There another special couple hahahahaah 
the hot chics


 *Selca* with hubbyChong , He is cute in my heart  

In the early morning,the happiness was while i opened my eyes i say your sleeping chubby face  infront of me and hugging me tight with a grin.Love ue 

Day's coordinate 

Great moment spent with friends and love . Crazy in the hotel room and chitchat,gossip in the room,, hope to have more trips coming on,heheheheh  13 of July I'm going Genting again ..LOLX....


Levi's Curve ID Blogger Award

Harlo there,I had participated Levi's Curve ID Blogger Award organized by NU YOU 女友 (^__^)
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Votes me via this link♥

♥ Wish me Goodluck 


Barbie Doll Cassie Twenty Buffday♥ ♥ ♥

He Haaa!! That day we had celebrated Cassie's Buffday..So sorry we had late to celebrate your buffday, forgive us  .So,we planned to had a Karaoke session at Neway Karaoke,1U with Cassie,Joevy,Shirnie and me ..Before that, we had some small bites at McDonald,cuz we really too hungry even was 3.00pm ady but we havent take our breakfast  >___< .  While we'r singing in the karaoke room we had a lot fun ,ofcuz we keep "selca" ! The flash keep flashing in the karaoke roomm ,hahahaha

here the cutie sweetypie,Cassie 
Sweet Joevy

Me *Grin*

Crazy Us...

~♥ With the SweeyCandy XOXO.♥~

After we finish the karaoke, was 7smthg(if i didnt forget bout it)  we had shop around until 8 smthg,then we had our fabulous dinner at The Hill ,Bangsar .


there was a graceful place and with the comfort surrounding feelings  ^@^

 the MONSTER BURGER !! *nom nom nom*  tummy drumming..

~The Tapas Platter~ (RM48)
(golden potatoes with spicy and mayo, mushrooms with garlics , meatballs with rich tatse and brinjals,sasauges,prawn with spicy and served with the softy breads). Thumbs up!


Chicken fingers (RM12)served with honey mustard sauces 

 ~Vongole Spaghetti~(RM25)
(fried with clam and somes tomatoes and cucumbers with whitewine)

~The Black Monster~(RM26)
(peppered beef burger served with potatoes wedges and healthy salads)

 the favourite dishes!

Buffday's girl,Cassie had ordered the special beverage 

~Big Boy Milkshake~
(mixed with vodka, oreos ,vanilla milk and chocolate chips.)

Catchin the wonderful memories after finish the dinner

Last station,After cram our tummy full,we planned to had Shisha session at  Dareen , Solaris,Mont Kiara...

Shisha Shisha (macam yes ..LOLX :P)

There's all on the whole day long, it was a pleasant's buffday celebration.Cassie we hope you had a unforgettable moments with us, Love ue


Outfit of the days

Love accessories so muchie..

Makeup of the day
*wicked eyes* 

Stay Tuned for more posts..
Yovell Claire