How I'm Doing?

 This post will be boring..Simply to blog about how i'm doing recently combines some shorty outdating 's post :D Saw my smile?I'm fine here.. Quite a long time,having a date at Pavillion with PandaFatty
Actually he's fatty,but because the camera angle he became a slim guys @.@

 Spotted LENG YEIN while stroll at TOKYO Street V^__^V

 Even we always hangout,but always no chance to take photo tgt while finally :P
 Not to forget to grab some dessert before to leave there ~ MOCHI SWEETS(num num num)

Outfits of the day**
Hmm, i remembered this selca pic was at my mother's birthday.Ntg special just to show it (^@^)

HOIHOIHOI, another dating with my bestie at Pavillion too..We had been almost 2 months never gather or dating.I'm so miss it.Remember when we're form3? Even i'm different class with both of you,but our friendship are so tough than nowadays.Hope times backwards...Everyone are so true so honestly..
 Bestie Jul Lesley <3
 Bestie Elvira Elsa

Spent this day with mummy ,we went to grandma house to visit our lovely cousin ^___^ Had a awesome dinner with cousin.During dinner's time, we chitchat gossip a lot,even we seldom meet up but we still lovely,Because we'r happy big family :D 

 How says? Finally, finally,finally im had dating with Seyi Wong.We;re same secondary school,we're same form, our class are not far but we never dating before.WTH right? Always planning should be in date one days,but always mess up with some reason...hehehehe, but finally..

 who known her ,should be know she always in dream suddenly even both of you're talking @.@
 (yum yum yum) Our dinner

Another, Stephan's birthday...Dolled up and party night. Speechless on that night.All tipsy and had to takecare them,how a wonderful night/?>__< However, i love my outfit that night <3

Sushi? Sushi King! hehehe,had spent this day with my hubbyChong ^___^ I'm a salmon fans so in the 1st im order salmon sushi certainly..

special's recommend* crispy surface and tast7y chicken inside with mayo on top!! Delicious~~~

 selca times!! with Valerie,always the cutest 

 Lovin this Swallow's necklace so much.I bought it at F block just cost RM26 worth it.If bought at other accessories's shop will be high cost than that V^__^V luckily spotted that*
weird eyes>> i wonder why it became like that @.@


Vine twinning on Me

Had been a superduper long time didnt even touch my keyboard for bloggie :*(  Been too slothful for update,i wonder why some blogger always make their bloggie dynamic..Cause i didnt even get many followers and readers,right? :'( .Hmm,whatever a.Here i would like to share about "I'm a Body Art Model".Recently ,because of helping my friend for her makeup's pratice,my body twinning with the mystery vine :P. How cool am I owhhh (winking eyes ^^)

 my style to acting cool(@.@)
 Lovin with this black vine

 Seems like same with the below one..^---^

 African's Hairstyle..hahahaaaha (0____0)
Last Cathchup***

Study,tuition,exam.Study,tuition,exam.Study,tuition,exam. Hmm,life seem like tedious(0___0).All days with the same lifestyle really kills me.But is was totally Form5 student lifestlye..So lets just follow the rules live>___<.Come on and move on. (HARDCORE HARDCORE )