happy chinese new year 2012

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR for everyone especially my dear family and my sweety,buddy,classmates,indeed my lovely hubbyChong too! :D During the chinese new year we must be dolled up with different pretty clothes or dress! heheheeh:) one of the reason i like chinese new year because we can keep wearing the new clothes everyday :) lets see my look book<3

the 1st day of chinesenewyear 初一
the second day of chinesenewyear 初二

the third day of chinesenewyear 初三

my dear cousin Sally Cheah

my princess Valerie~~ (^@^)

the cutest:D

After the chinesenewyear ,everyone will yelling that we are gain weight,because during the chinesenewyear we will hungry everytime without reason! DUNKNOW WHY TOO Zzzzz...when we visit friends or cousin's house,we are eating,when you gambling,we are eating,when at night you go out yumcha with friends,we are eating too! WTF! anyway,i'm like that too -.-  my hubbychong keep complain to me he had gain weight because of me :'( i always can't finish the food then he help me "zap shao mei" heehhehhe:P

At night,we had went to SWITCHBLADE,at THE PUBLIKA shopping mall...
carbornara spaghetti
pizza with mushroom slices and turkey ham

another day,we went to BBQ plaza to have lunch(i just can eat what i want during the chinesenewyear T.T)

Most enjoyment day,初八 i had organized a BBQ party at my house with my schoolmates and hubbyChong :D there had about 12 person rock in my house! the ROCK means at here is GAMBLING ROCK,hehheheee...after our BBQ dinner,indeed chinesenewyear have to "LOUSANG",i bought the "LOUSANG" at JUSCO,it just RM38.88 and serve with fresh salmon,yummy :9

 love you hubbyChong <3

 mummy with me ,hehehe;D

disgusting hand Zzzzz.. @.@

ignore the background -.- LOLX,

after "lou" ,messy like hell,how to eat..LOLX

thankyou for who coming this party, and it;s okay for who can;t join us,but i hope all of you enjoying this party at my house and thankyou for the co-operation :D