christmas 2011

so late just update my christmas post-.- i was too lazy,, OMG .Howw do you guys or gals celebrated your christmas eve and chirstmas public holiday huh? heheeh this year had nothing special with me, and as usual i celebrate christmas with my godmother and her whole family in the christmas eve!! we will had our dinner ,after that we will sit around the floor and chit-chat to waiting 12 a.m! when the clocking is sounded ,we hug each other warmly and said MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! its meaningful than countdown with BEER!! LOLX   heheheh:P

 here my seat! every seat have thier owner name~~  (^-^)
 enjoy the food so much (all are cooked by my godmother and her nephew,thanks you for your food and thannks god)

the next day, it was christmas day, sure i cant miss to celebrate with my hubbyChong, we had a simple date at kepong JUSCO, and as usual have a movie-MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, before have the movie we had lunch at WOK SIFU !! i must recommend the chicken chop with rice! i love it,i already ate that second time!!

 炸春卷, not really yummy because it grap with cissy(smelly vegetables!!yuksss)
 this are nice!!卤肉鸡扒饭

Sure of that, we should enjoy the wonderful christmas whole day !!we heading to DESA PARK CITY to had our japanese dinner! there was RAKUZEN,, there was many people and we didnt reserve but luckily there have two seat  infront the door! we're lucky but that seat not really comfortable,because always had people walk around ,in-out (>.<)

 we already know we will out of budget so we dont care!! hahahah just crazy to ordered the foods and just enjoy our christmas night!!

 soft shell crabs(his favourite**)  its very crispy ,its good to have a try!
 the japanese set(sushi with terriyaki chicken,soup,steam egg,fruits)
 yummmy sushii!!###
 tasty terriyaki chicken
 must try too!! fried chicken! heard like very normal right but it is very nice some lime juice and mayonise*****~~~
 fried tofu!!**
 this is special! grill beef yourself! the beef are fresh and the sauce is special to mix with it^^

do you have been go DESA PARK CITY have a walk? there were decorated with many light! you can have great enjoyment at there!let's see!!

when you're at DESA PARK CITY, you totally should not miss the chance to have some dessert at 32 F' ! that day have a special promotion that was buy 1 free 1 !! heheheheh actually myhubbyChong was very full and he said dont feel like takin it! but i wanna to eat!! hehehee so because the promotion he force himself to have it :P

 lovin this shoot ( he is so cute hahhahaah i ask him to laugh when i take photo! he just act this chubby cute face!! hahahaha)
 he had this (yam with fresd strawberries**)

i had my flavourite chocolate with orea flakes** yumyummlicious  .i prefered the chococlate one because the yum had some milk taste and feel weird @.@
was a happy day again, 1st time celebrate christmas with you i feel great,actually we dint gift christmas present for each other but we're enjoy our day with no arguement or any bullshit !! hahahaha so its a meaningful day! LOVE YOU hubbyChong


PAVILLION with my sweetypie**

 hey,, im here again, recently seldom to update my bloggie because have no any program and no dating (T,T), so have no anythings to blog about, but last few days i have a dating with my sweetyypie** (there are Shirnie & Joevy,actually have Siewying too but she was busy for her boyfiee birthday) Siewying nextime you should join us la !! must ya!!##

 outfits of that day :top,TOPSHOP ;blue shirt,Esprit;necklace,Bangkok;shortpant,CottonOn ;shocks,TOPSHOP;shoes,VINCCI

 my hair are not perfect curl at all :( who else can teach me how to make a natural curl?

Our 1st shopping station are PAVILLION ,2.Fahrenheit88,3.SungeiWang,4.Timesquare . PAVILLION
 had be decoration with many christmas treess but the bear with drawing are most special decoration (preeetyy pretyy nice & creative,when you go PAVILLION dont miss to take photo,so dont forget for your camera##)

 red red JOEVY (hehehee ;P)

 im lovin this leopard bear!!

 ignore i tiptoe for this photo (>.<)
 Shirnie is fall in love with this bear that smoking !! hehehehe;P

 we 're acting like the bear ,,LOLX (it is dragon or bear? or mix? hahahah)
 cooking mama bear ##

three of us

 so blur @.@

 make up of the day##
add on: bought this colar accesories at SungeiWang on 6TH floor(but it a littlebit expensive ,its cost RM39) i bought polka dots one,because another have diamonds but its cost RM59 -.- its too expensive for this collar