原来我没有 好朋友

如果再继续下去,有一天我会离开你 而且那天离现在不远

不问 是怕诺你不能够去会失望

问了 你却老是说  算把,每次都没有我的

那么我要怎样? 问也不是 不问也不是

好多次  哄了又哄 哄了再哄  我不要哄了

我要的并不多 只想问下 你有没有当我是好朋友?

没关系 也许我们认识的时间不多 我也不去苛求什么

但我当你是我的   好朋友♥

swimming day***


(elaine,limay,shunjun,qingwen,ah lik,keat,jason,enchong & me**)


晚上和妈妈吃晚餐(西餐***) WOah woah woah 我请客叻,好久没请妈妈吃东西了,慰劳下作工作的那么辛苦的妈妈(i love uee**)
 De Fortune ( at Menjalara,opposite petrol station**)

 芝西炬法式锅牛*  美味美味





fruit tarts recipe are here! easy ,simple,yummy..

 水果塔你试过自己烘培过吗? 是不是觉得很难做呢?其实很容易而已我这里有食谱可以看看,如果有不明白可以问我:) 又简单又好吃得水果塔来咯!

225g creamm cheese
1罐水果 (任个人喜欢)

    1.先将面粉,幼糖,牛油放入打伴机搅均匀,然后再加入牛奶粉(牛奶粉是为让塔     皮  更香,没有也没关系)


 4.把捏好的塔皮放进烤箱 , 烘 200 C。,10-20 分钟


        5. 烘好了的塔皮拿出来放凉,然后把cream cheese和糖(自己放适量的糖,一个人口味)放进打拌机搅均匀

6. 塔皮放凉后,把塔皮放出来,然后把搅拌好的creamcheese 挤进塔皮里

7. 把水果切成一片片,然后把它放到creamcheese上面,大功告成,!


所以水果塔不难,谁还没试过可以尝试自己做看看 :)



 i cook myself breakfast recently. this few days ,when i wakeup,i think about 1st things ,what should i cook today,,OMG, sure,sure i will become fat soon,LOLX,, two days,is two days, my breakfast sure be serve with MAYONISE,, my gosh,,who else can accompany me to go exercise ,, im dunwanna become fatty gurls!!
*most vegetables,less egg with Taiwan sausages (yumyumlicious* i like mayo x.x)

fruits tarts,2 pieces bread with eggs and smoky bacon..(i love smoky taste,especially BBQ flavour*.*)


what should i updated next post? just stay tuned and follow my blogggie*  im not mind making friends with you all ,, XOXO    :)


have shopping with PANDA,STEPHEN,ELAINE at,Sungei Wang

outfits that day,cap:FOURSKIN,singlet:SABRINA bought for me,legging:ZARA,shoes:VINCCI
nextround, rushing to GENTINGHIGHLAND.. (duper tired*)

 changed outfits, top: TOPSHOP,necklace:FOREVER21
 we had starbucks at night,JAVA CHOCOLATE CHIP, enjoy a cold drink in the cool wheather, is an enjoyment..

 MAYmay & I
 I help he to have this,,(i become a makeup artist* hehehe)

we're boring there,,so we play bowling at there..now i feel bowling is a funny game.nextime wanna play with somebody too..:) **
my new belly ring**  i love it (bought it at timesquare * is cheaper just RM10)


IKEA with mummy **

 heading to IKEA with lovely mummy,,really didn't hang out withh mum recently,mummy always busy to work. And i always alone at home wait mum come back.Sometimes need me to cook for her too , we just like changes place in my family,i become mummy,and my mummy become daughter,LOLX,, but no matter what happens I ALWAYS OVIN YOU ,mum**

 please forgive(those photo are blur*.*)

 Ikea there...
bought some pillow,,i need some pillow for hug at night **
MY MUMMY,, (are my mummy sweet?are my mummy pretyy?are she) perfectly yes,,my mummy are the prettiest woman in my heart..<3

we have some highte and rest at THE BAKERY STORY**, i treat my mummy for this,mummy having Cinnamon latte,and Mlik chocolate for me

im sick recently,coughing and flu..i like my voice when i sick but i dislike sick..nowadays Malaysia wheather are so bad sometimes freakin hot,sometimes damn cold,,so please dear friends..(drink alot water to keep healthy and less to eat fried food**) .IM KINDA TIRED..bye have a nap later