YUHOO, this post gotto take about my bangles and necklace,,my accesories doens't have too many but just wanna showoff la ,,OPPSS!!  no la just kidding :),just wanna shows you what i 've .Did you buy too many clothes or dresses and ignored accesories to match it? you think im rich to buy them  :'( you're wrong if you thought i am! I keep and save my money like hell, such as i never eat when school breaktime , i am so pity!!  let's see what i have   
 all of them
 from DIVA,1 Utama
 from my two sweetpie: Shirnie & Siewying
 from my England's friends she bought at Axxezz shop
 from Shanghai
 from Thailand
 from Langkawi
 from COTTON ON,1 Utama
 from FOREVER 21, 1 Utama
from F BLOCK(this & that) ,SUNWAY GIZA
my eyes are being so tired & tired isit can inject some coffee inside to keep the tired!!  LOLxx, im trying to sleep early like a pig but it does;t have use !! someday my eyescircle will be blacker that whoelse and im be the blackest eyecircle in the world !!WTMF,, who can help me to solve the horrible trouble!!1 it doens;t work on any product that i used!!  is such DAMN man!!!  ARGHHH,.. will be updated soon,,stay tuned!


crystal's belated celebration

Teeheee!!  yesterday was celebrate crystal's belated birthday ,,we have bbq party at crystal house . its just a simply party but we enjoy it.  the yummy bbq's food are taste fabulous because i grilled it :9 ..HOHOHO

 i have known a new friends here ,,  EVEN LEE(she a thin girl,has a long hair, she is so friendly  :-*
 deliciooous foodaaa...
 hey,,sabrina we seem many years didnt meet up ,,we are really miiss you you known dont always we are not care you ,, :p

 partyyy ROCKxxx ya! they are so happy and crazyy ..xoxoxo
 oh my dear birthdat girll!! wish you would the present we gift  ..muacks sweetie CRYsstal
 after filling my small stummy ,,we gambling ><  yohuuu!
 sabrina,, you"re become prettyy :P
 JING LUN (from form3)
CHLOE babehhh  :)
outfit the dayy! with my new necklace  @.@

enjoy my bloggiee wishing you like it..and dont forget help me to clock the advertisement from nuffnang  :-*


photo edited

this post are empty, here doesn't have any words just photo.. hope both of you like it,,i have no idea to post anythingss   ZZZZZ

say goodbye,, stay tuned   :)  

babe     jin



最近都在帮他在赶功课  他的功课超多的 我却没有功课 哈哈 自从上了college  他的功课也是我的功课一部分了 帮他赶功课同时我也学到了我以后也会学到的东西 因为以后我也一样读这一系的 (interior design)  这一系蛮特别的 因为这一系的人以后都会设计让我们温缓的房子 或是让人解压的娱乐广场  如果这世上没有设计  我们的生活多厌倦多烦闷啊  这世上在每个角落设计都存在着 回正题啦  这是最近他的功课  用陶瓷捏出来的 厉害吧   i love you BABBYVic  :-*

 这是描绘  在学设计同时也必须学绘画 画画才会进步  所谓''向上学习'' :)

 涂颜色这个功夫就交我吧  哈哈哈 因为我最擅长是图水彩
 你们知道吗  最近我都好迷褐色  因为它好复古哦  我好喜欢复古  它有着一种难以形容的气质在里头  就好象这个鞋子  在那里才买到呢  无论如何 我都好想得到哦 我会努力取得 你们应该也会喜欢把?  @.@
我的面糟透了  我的黑眼圈很帅吧  不说的话 还以为我前世是熊猫  今世是熊猫化身  到底为什么皮肤滑润透红是搽了仙丹吗  怎样皮肤就像不被感染而健康的很的  到底我的皮肤及时才会到那个境界  烦恼到头爆了 算了 因为同人不同肤吗  ishhhhhh...  :(   如果有任何熊猫产品找我代言吧  arghhhhh!!!!



 我& lesley jul
 coco crunch

 woootsss..好多火锅料吧  我们要准备开餐咯  汤底是莲藕药材  是我想到的 蛮不错的 因为我们不喜欢吃奇奇怪怪的火锅料  所以大多数都是鱼园啊猪肉园啊  这锅应该叫鱼园锅吧  哈哈哈 看下朋友的照片..


这一篇是华语篇  好久没有写华语篇了  我知道我英文不好  但是我有在进修哦  所以我的部落格大多数都写英文的  但是大多数都是GOOGLE TRANSLATE 哈哈哈  别取笑我   这次要讲的事我去游泳啦  上次都来''女人最痛''  真麻烦  所以这次总算可以下水了  来看看美丽的照片 :)


shirnie sweettt cannndyyy

注意看上方那张照片,,刚好拍到他们都好惊讶的样子啊 ..