Terrance's Birthday

yuhuu..yesterday just have a delicious dinner and celebrate Terrance Birthday. we have the dinner at Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet at Sunway Giza,, just rm70++ per person only,all you can eat, a-lart-cart order.You can order from menu and the sushi or else are selfservice. let see what i have take..hehehehe

all the food are tasty,you will never regret that you pay 70 ringgit for the buffet when you have taste their delicious foodd . if you having lunch or dinner ther,you should try the top 10 that they introduce,,the drink have some choice to you too,they have mango,ice lemon tea and grean tea. After that,you can have some dessert ,like some fruit with chocolate syrup and ice cream.  i think i will have this buffet next time because i can't forget the tasty food at there ,,OMG

 grilled octobers
 curl hair,long flower dress with outwear

 my brown lens,and my eye with eyeshadow in gold & black colour
my darling,BABBYVIC


sport at Shirnie house

is sporting day..we went to Shirnie house ..the guys have gym and pool there, and i and shirnie play pool and badminton there ;) we have a lot fun there. we have talk about ourself and i know more about her :) . And she have a cut doggie,its called Guccci..i love it so much so much ,,it is so mini and clever,,hope i will get 1 doggie when i shifted home soon..

her gym room

 babby Vic & Chocki
 me & Gucci
 swimming poolll
 he is so thin..but i love it =P

victoria sponge cake

heyhey...i made cake again this is for my BabbyVic too..i alone at home,and i felt so boring,,luckly have enough ingredient ,so i made it for fun ..hehehhe its taste nice my babby said. here is the ingredient list

actually is use strawberry for filling,but i jus have peanut chocolate..

TADAAAAaaa...  its done,, i use some m&n chocolate for decorate  :)
pirate scarf..you want 1 too? just go golden screen cinema and buy a set combo 6, its free ..this promotion start from 16 MAY.. guys if you like the movie pirate of the carribean , sure you have to get 1 too..izit i am cooll when i wear thiss...hehehehe


sabrinaa house party

partyy rockkk !!   we;re enjoy and freakign high..but i had did;t ate any chicken wings ="( you guys know why? because its raining raining..not heavy rain lah but make us so worry .. when i reach there we bbq at behind the house,,we though the weather were good so we shifted to playground for bbq, because the surrounding are more nice ...But so unluckyyyyy,raining againnn  OMMF,, so we shifted to home again.. and make the fire again and all the step must start from begin..but finnaly we solve the problem lahhh.. =)
 i helping them drawing on their facessss...



 block rosses
 all of us..

 specially me

It's back and it's better! SMS "Opera" to 2000 for free #DiGiOpera. Thank you, DiGi!

It's back and it's better! SMS "Opera" to 2000 for free #DiGiOpera. Thank you, DiGi!

It's back and it's better! SMS "Opera" to 2000 for free #DiGiOpera. Thank you, DiGi!

It's back and it's better! SMS "Opera" to 2000 for free #DiGiOpera. Thank you, DiGi!

BabbyVic's Birthday Celebration

sorry for the late late updated ='( ,i helping my babby to rush his assignment together. his birthday is on 28 May. actually we plan to have dinner at Tao Japanese Buffet but unlucky its fully book..OMG. we're so excited to the japanese food at there ..so we force to chooose another place to celebrate.  Finally i suggest celebrate at NEWAY ,1U.  we are enjoy sing K and the dinner buffet .. there have promotion now ,if everyone like for sing K ,,just go ahead.. see the website below..
Happy birthday BabbyVic

in the afternoon on that day,we have japanese food for lunch ,,,is freaking freaking delicious ,,,i swear you have eat that .you will go there to eat second time...its so so so nice i can't forget the salmon shashimi..its si fresh . dont worry about the radiation from the japan..because all the shushi ingredient are import from Australia... just ate them until finish and finish..i;m hungry now =)
grilled saba fish
steam eggsss
salmon set.
sushii set with cold udon

ohh..i forget somethingss... i make the birthday make for my darling this year..i think its nice then i make it 1st time..1st time i make the cake really like the bullshittt  >.< lets see how is the cake lookk..

not bad HUHHH? hehehee..its chocolate cream cheese cake..my babby said its taste good not bad because i made it mahh...its veryy veryy to made it ..you just only need to buy (digestive biscuit mixed with melted butter for the bottom,mixed the cream cheese ,melted chocolate,caster sugar and whipped cream together,,lastly frozen it 1 hour and refrigerate 30 minit then serve it..that done) you can do it yourself too..its just very easy but that cause you washed many bowlssss -- and the happybirthday word i use the melted chocolate to write.. firstly melted the chocolate and put inside the plastic bag and cut a small hole,squeeze and write the chocolate on a spice of plastic paper and frozen it about 30 minutes and done..

the white chocolate are on my lippp..delicious

 my BabbyVic are staring on meee...muakxx
did my face become better?  heheh  i like thisss