Saturday have to celebrate sabrina birthday, let's crazy !!stay tuned the picture:) i will upload it when i free



lets continue to the picture!! haha

my iphone have new cover!
like a shoes, so cute><

amazing, OMG!


my dream phone!

oh! guess what i had get ! my dream phone! iphone 4,its amazing to me,haha.. you should get 1 for yourself if you have some money! it don't waste money, and have money function and application! its useful haha ! it is a phone i love it so much!

this is the short post because i gotta go ''HONG LOK" pasar malam..stay tuned my picture ! love my phone =D


what is fashion

Fashion is a part of our everyday lives.Clothes reveal a persons background or cultural group.Change is an important aspect of fashion.The most popular fashion ideas come from music, videos, and television. Musicians, actors and other cultural icons and celebrities have always had an influence on what we wear, and so have political icons and royalty.

the movie:''Beastly''

A modern re-imagining of the classic "Beauty and the Beast" tale, "Beastly" centers on Kyle (Pettyfer), a well off and pompous Manhattan teen who falls victim to the curse of a Wiccan classmate (Mary-Kate Olsen) after she's had just enough of his immature and hurtful antics. With his appearance dramatically and strangely altered, his father banishes him to the outer boroughs of New York (the horror!) to try and deal with his situation. That's where he encounters Linda, the "beauty" (Vanessa Hudgens) who slowly discovers the new, more humble Kyle.


I be a model for my fashion store!

hey all the world! my first time be a model and for my own fashion store =) there just have a little stock here..but second batch will be more interesting. stay tuned . here is my modeling picture! Enjoy ya..if you are interesting with all this clothes ,you can order from me or at :http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001997433084

thanks all of you...

high waist skirt
spring feel dress
knitted dress